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    Do you listen to audiobooks? I don’t very often. I have a hard time getting hooked on them, and the few I’ve listened to, I’ve had to force myself to give the books an extra star because I’m fairly certain I would have liked the book better if I’d read it. I keep giving them a try, and I keep ending up a little disappointed if/when I finish them.

    I’ve only listened to portions of THE SHADOW READER audiobook. Listening to someone else read your book out loud? Yikes! It’s hard to do! I think the narrator does a good job with McKenzie’s voice, but it’s not the voice in my head. That’s my problem with all audiobooks – the voices in my head are perfect. I don’t have to adjust my ears to someone else’s interpretation of the characters’ voices.

    Because I have such a difficult time with audiobooks, I’ve never really checked out Audible.com. For that site to be worth it, I’d have to listen to several audiobooks a year, I think. But Audible had a free trial over the last month, so I signed up for it and downloaded a free book. I chose to listen to NO EASY DAY, the autobiography of one of the Navy SEALS who went on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

    My Goodreads review is here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/532484023

    In short, I loved the book. I think I might have loved it even more than if I’d read it, which NEVER happens with audiobooks. This book was so entertaining and informative that I wanted to circle the block several times just so I could continue listening to it in the car.

    Now that I finished the book, I’m itching to listen to more. I’m going to stick with nonfiction. I’ve been wanting to read more NF, but I haven’t found time to shove it in between my fiction reads. Audiobooks let me read when I’m cooking, cleaning, running, etc. And I have to stay that I LOVE Audible.com. It’s so freaking easy to use! The previous audiobooks I’ve listened to, I’ve borrowed from the library, and it was a pain in the butt getting them to my iPhone. I had to download them through Overdrive, change some setting on iTunes, and then cross my fingers and hold my breath hoping it transferred to my phone okay. Recently, it hasn’t been. It hasn’t transferred them as audiobooks, and so the chapters were all messed up and it wouldn’t remember my place and it just wasn’t worth the hassle to try to listen to a book.

    For me, it’s worth paying Audible.com for the ease of listening to the books. It helps that they’re having a sale right now. 200+ audiobooks for $4.95. Cheaper than a paperback book! I downloaded SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper. Yeah, I’m on a SEAL kick. I figure it’s research for my future books, which will involve a military.

    Hey, I wonder if I can write off these purchases as business expenses? lol

    Anyway, I highly recommend trying out some nonfiction audiobooks. And check out Audible.com. I think the free trial promotion might still be going on. If not, you can grab a book for $4.95!

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One Comment to "Audiobooks"

  • Shawntelle
    Shawntelle Madison says:

    February 13, 2013 at 9:07 pm -

    I love audiobooks, too! So far I’ve just checked out audiobooks from my library. Its hard sometimes to find time to listen since I’m not in the car a lot.


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